Beauty and the Geek

Dear uni girls,

What is it about us and always favouring the hot bad ass over the quieter and less-likely-to-screw-you-over kind of guy. Since we were little girls we have been plagued with cute Disney films like Beauty and the Beast, where we’re told to look past the exterior and actually get to know a guy before passing judgement. However, this rarely happens. In reality, girls ignore this and cant see past trying to find their, totally unrealistic, perfect, Prince Charming.

Proof of this is my other flatmate. Never been kissed and yet you’ll never meet a nicer guy, he’s the kind of guy that’s all limbs and heart. Tall, gangly but sweet is how you’d describe him and yet because of us overlooking the nice guy, he could go by without a second glance. Meanwhile, us girls are left broken hearted because of the guy we’ve been warned about 100 times. When my flatmate, and I’m sure many more guys just like him, are right there, in plain sight, waiting to give girls the love they want and need.

A word of advice, next time a guy you’d normally call a loser comes by, give him a chance, get to know him and you might just get to like him. I promise, sometimes what you think you want, is not necessary what is best for you.

Over and out



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