The Brum Baby

Let me ask you a question. Countrylife, Lurpak, Anchor or “I can’t believe it’s not butter”? If you had to pick one, is there a difference?
Now, I know for some people it is crazy to think people could have a favourite, yet I also know there are people out there who only eat/use certain brands of things… but, in all honesty, can one really afford to be that picky when they are a student? Can a young guy at university really demand a particular brand of butter? More importantly, is he justified to be ungrateful for what he is given if he is requesting food, which isn’t his own, from a flat, which isn’t his own, a flat that owes nothing to him? I think not.

Meet the Brum Baby.

The homeless harbourer’s best mate is a 20 year old guy, a guy who is from Birmingham originally. Let me make this clear, he is from Birmingham, yes that means his family lives about 10 minutes away from our accommodation and are literally a simple phone call away from helping him or providing him with anything he needs. Including butter.
About 2 weeks ago the Brum Baby came knocking at our flat door, at 1am, demanding us to let him use our butter, not just any butter, he made it perfectly clear that he would not take anything less than Countrylife, the cheek. But we are used to it, we are used to seeing his painfully empty Tesco shop arriving every week, which is only full of Maoam sweets, biscuits, a pile of garlic breads and pizza bases. We are used to his endless moaning regarding the fact that he has to write the odd essay here and there. We are used to his childish games of trying to persuade his temporary parent (our flatmate) to have a “takeaway party” every night. And we are used to him crying and being extra paranoid whenever he thinks someone is giving him a dirty look, which probably means they are simply looking his way.

It is sad to be honest, to see a grown boy struggle so much with the simple things and be so totally dependent on anybody and everybody… no wonder why he didn’t move away from home, but personally, if I could give one piece of advice, if you think that you, yourself, are that kind of person, please move away from home…as far as possible.

Watching the Brum Baby has taught me to embrace university life as much as possible, to become independent, grow up and learn life lessons that I never would have any other way or anywhere else.

20 years old. 1st year at University. What did he really expect exactly?
You can’t be knocking on flat doors begging random girls to sew on buttons on your shirts so you can sell them on depop… take this opportunity to learn not to be such a mummy’s boy/girl.

Move away. Have Fun. Don’t look back. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Over and Out


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