New year, Healthy me?

The one thing that no blog will be able to prepare you for is the feeling you get when looking in the mirror after yet another Uni bingefest. At university, the main way to bond with each other is through our love of food. We eat, we chat, we laugh then we eat again. And from that, we build a beautiful friendship. However, now that I’ve already created solid friendships, its time to stop replying ‘yes’ to those 12am ‘Let’s get food’ texts or those ‘Didn’t get the grade I wanted, lets eat our trouble away’ calls.

It’s been a week now, and me and the flat have been sticking to serving suggestions (which yes, sounds easy), ditching the snacks and going to gym classes four times a week. This week has been harder than any exam I’ve ever taken, but wish me luck with trying to keep it up through January; and maybe you’ll soon be reading posts from a new, healthy me.

Over and out,




Okay so, to be honest, I’ve been a little unsure about whether I should write about this, lets say, experience I had. As a result I’ve left it almost a month before I felt like it was appropriate to share. Plus, I don’t want to deprive anyone of this story but telling anyone at my uni, who knows the girl, just feels like a bitch move. So, I am sharing it with you instead:

A few Fridays ago my flat was out and I was bored so I invited a couple of friends over from my course, thinking we were just going to have a quiet night of drinks and gossip. However, one bottle led to two and two led to three and before you know it, we were smashed. Seriously it was messy. My friend went to use the toilet and after 20 mins she finally came out to the chants of ‘You’ve been fiddling your fanny in there haven’t you! I KNOW WHEN A FANNYS BEEN FIDDLED WITH’. He doesn’t, he’s gay. Which I happily said to him as her face went a gross mix of red and purple. I had to ask her though, after seeing her face ‘have you been masturbating in my bathroom?’ but obviously at this point it was just a hilarious joke, something funny that would provide us with convo to aid our giggles. She reassured me that obviously we were wrong, because who masturbates in someone else’s bathroom, right? She said she was just taking selfies by the way, just to clear that up… but even that was weird to my drunken mind.

Anyway, we chilled for a while and my flat came back, they had a few friends from home staying so there was a large crowd to witness the next part of the story.

We were getting louder and louder and in my head, I was hilarious and delightful, one story after another came out of my mouth and the laughs were unreal. That’s probably why I didn’t think much of fannyfiddler sitting back and texting on her phone urgently. Anyway, once again she asked to go to the toilet so obviously I said yes. After 20 mins, we realised she hadn’t come back so me and my other course mate went to go and see what was taking her so long.

  • For you to understand what happened next, you have to understand the layout of my room. So, I have an outer door (which you can lock, may I add) and once you’re through that you turn right to the bathroom which has a slide door… unfortunately this can’t be locked

So, I knocked on the outer door calling her name and, once again, let me reiterate how drunk I was so you don’t think I make a habit of just running in on people on the toilet, but I kind of thought she’d actually gone home. When we slid the slide door open I see her, she’s on her back, on the floor, skirt up and legs in the air around the toilet seat. She had her phone in one hand with what seemed to be her boyfriend’s face popping up. What I didn’t see was where the other hand had gone, horrifyingly for me, it had disappeared up her skirt. I mean, I think you can appreciate my shock? I don’t know of anyone going around to friends’ houses and masturbating on their bathroom floor and hope she won’t ever do it again either, because when I tell you I’d never seen a paler girl, I’m not exaggerating, she came out babbling excuses about how she was too drunk and how she needed to go home. I texted her that night to see if she was okay but she replied in the morning with more excuses (conversation attached).

Obviously I get her embarrassment, she even left her glasses behind… which meant a very awkward encounter had to occur the next day when she had to come over to pick them up. Seriously, who runs out so fast that they sacrifice the power of sight?! Saying that, WHO MASTURBATES IN SOMEONE ELSES TOILET?! I guess we have our answer.
If you’re gonna do it girls and guys, at least make sure the bathroom door is locked. For everyone’s sake.

Over and out,


Harbouring the homeless

Okay, so my university experience has been so abnormal since the second I started in September. It has been everything but what I expected, such crazy, yet amazing, things happen every day so it has come to the point where I feel it is just necessary to write everything down.

The strangest thing to have happened recently was last week when my flatmate brought some homeless men back to the flat after a night out. Full disclosure, he now refers to them as the ‘lads’. So anyway, the ‘lads’ came back with him, yes to our university accommodation, after an invitation to stay the night- an offer they simply could not refuse! After our flatmate saw our confused faces through the window, he barged into the kitchen, told us all to fuck off, making it very clear that he’d do whatever the hell he wanted; in fairness, he felt instantly remorseful and started apologising. They, the ‘lads’, stayed of course, helping themselves to a warm shower in the morning, good for them. I suppose, our flatmate was doing a good thing, right? You’d think. Although he gave them a roof over their heads and although he gave them money, £100 to be exact, he also gave these guys a shit ton of weed. So, it’s kind of hard for me to see how he aided them? Except from the fact that he probably moved them from alcoholics, which they had confessed to being, into druggies. As well as that, he moved them off one floor and just put them on another, but as long as he feels good about himself I guess? You win some you lose some.

The weirdest thing is, I kind of got it. Not at first, not when I had to sleep with one eye open, scared about the strangers in my flat. I mean, when he brought them back my first thought was obviously to take my ‘Slanket’ to my room… considering I’m a student that was the most valuable thing I owned, don’t judge!! But I did eventually get it, we went out a few days later and I saw this toilet attendant in the club, that i’d spoken to a few times, I literally wanted to give her everything I owned, I wanted to help her in any way I could. So, I got it, I too would’ve given her my whole degree! I must say though, it doesn’t make it any stranger that he thought bringing his ‘lads’ back to a flat, a flat he doesn’t own, was acceptable. Fingers crossed we won’t be having any unexpected guests over soon… but I promise, if we do, you will be the first to find out!

Over and out